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Personal Cars
Green Gas will take you beyond petrol and diesel with CNG. CNG is more cost effective than petrol – CNG is even cheaper by 46 % from the subsidized petrol.

Mass Transit

As a result of the deregulation of diesel, the cost of running mass transit vehicles – busses, trucks has been horrendous. Operating buses, trucks, and even trains with CNG will result in a cost savings of some 50%.  Most fleet operators in the developed countries actually operate their fleet on the cost effective CNG.  As a demonstration   of its technical prowess and versatility, Green Gas is the first company to pioneer in any developing country, the successful use of an energy mix of diesel and CNG to operate heavy duty trucks.

Domestic Affairs PNG will improve the quality of your life by bringing comfort into your home:-

PNG is the most cost effective and safest way of cooking. PNG is even more flexible than LPG. PNG can be delivered directly to homes wherever the appropriate pipeline network is available. PNG will make you avoid the nuisance of cylinders.

It is an open secret that Nigeria is a country powered by generators. Except for the common ‘ I better pass my neighbour’ set, those who run generators do so by paying through their nose since they have to use expensive diesel as fuel. Natural Gas will offer a 50% cost reduction in operating a generator.

Piped Natural Gas(PNG) from Green Gas Limited can be utilized for energy consumers as:-

In order to sustain continuous production many manufacturing companies have established their own captive power plants to overcome the epileptic public power supply. However, the cost of running a dedicated power plant can be extremely high. PNG has always been the fuel of choice for power and thermal applications in industries. Cost reduction has always informed such a choice. The net effect has always been reducing substantially the overall cost of production. Where ever the necessary grid facilities are available, direct connection can be made to ensure that PNG is delivered directly to the industrial consumers. Green Gas is currently supplying PNG to Coca Cola, Guinness among many others industrial consumers.

Power Plants

Green Gas will also assist Nigeria in generating electricity. PNG from Green Gas will always be required to operate the various power plants under construction which are usually based on gas turbine technology. As soon as the independent power plants are completed, we are confident that most of the power plants will require PNG as the feedstock to operate their plants.

Natural Gas is equally beneficial fuel for Hotels, Restaurants , Colleges and Hospitals etc. It can be used for generating heat in boilers in hotels and hospitals or it can be used to cook food in kitchens. The benefits of Natural Gas have far reaching impact on savings and convenience for these institutes.