Green Gas is a bold statement in public private partnership.  Green Gas is a special joint venture vehicle formed as a partnership between the Nigerian Gas Company (a subsidiary of NNPC) and NIPCO PLC.  For Nigeria, the challenge of energy has become the challenge of a generation.  Confronted by such a Herculean challenge, Green Gas has therefore been deliberately crafted to take Nigeria to the new frontiers of the energy sector.

For decades, Nigeria has been overwhelmed by assorted energy challenges. Power supply to industries and home has been at best epileptic. Domestic cooking has been largely based on firewood with an annual casualty of some 75,000 lives according to studies conducted by the WHO.

Petrol shortage is reality of life. Whenever they occur, petrol shortage usually wreck havoc on the lives of many Nigerians as petrol stations usually get converted into mindless bedlams.  With such shortages, petrol invariably becomes a trade able commodity of the black market exposing the citizenry to reckless exploitation. Today, millions of Nigerian motorists fear the future. Their nagging fear – they fear petrol deregulation and some even wonder whether petrol will be affordable in the future?

Obviously, Green Gas Limited cannot make petrol affordable. However, Green Gas can make you drive your car without petrol.  The quest for alternative fuels is the reason for the creation of Green Gas. The energy challenges have been inexorable. The horizon appears bleak. Most Nigerians are in search of a silver bullet.  But wishes are not horses. There is, however, a silver lining – Gas, precisely, Natural Gas. Nigeria is among the few countries in the world that has been richly endowed with a vast reservoir of Natural Gas. Sadly in Nigeria, Natural Gas is generally considered to be a useless byproduct of crude oil production with the gas largely flared into flames.  In this seemly worthless waste, Green Gas sees opportunities.

Harnessing the vast reservoir of Natural Gas, Green Gas has already started opening up a new vista of opportunities for the energy sector. The identified opportunities are focused to address the intimidating energy challenges confronting Nigerians. Rather than the ominous future many Nigerians fear, Green Gas is already promising Nigerians an interesting and exciting future.  Green Gas has already generated remarkable and sterling innovation that promises to put light at the end of the tunnel for Nigeria. With its passion for performance and an ingrained culture of technical expertise, Green Gas has already generated energy solutions that will definitely transform the lives of millions of Nigerians.  We wonder if you know them.  CNG, PNG are some of your new energy workhorses of the future.

The energy solutions generated by Green Gas are no illusions.  The solutions have turned out to be practicalities in the realm of reality.  With its pioneering spirits, Green Gas has already placed some of the new discoveries on the Nigerian market scene. Many Nigerians that have encountered some of the debuts have been extremely excited.  At the behest of Federal Government, Green Gas made Benin City, Edo State the test market for some of the energy solutions. With its dogged determination, Green Gas has kitted the Benin city with the necessary infrastructure for the effective distribution of CNG, an alternative fuel for vehicles. Green Gas in a noteworthy engineering feat created an intra city gas grid of pipelines in the city (the first in Nigeria).

In addition to the massive investment in the network of distribution pipelines, Green Gas had to build a Central Gas Conversion Facility with a cut edge technology.  Simultaneously, Green Gas also built 8 dedicated gas dealership outlets throughout the city.  Apart from the usual gas dispensing units, outlets are also equipped with a fully fledged workshop facility for the installation and maintenance of gas conversion kits on vehicles.   Today CNG has now become the toast of the ancient city.  A significant percentage of the vehicles in Benin City now operate on CNG.  The vehicles include not only cars, but also buses and trucks.

The vehicles that have converted to CNG are usually equipped with a dual purpose kit which enables them to use CNG and also to use petrol when they choose.  However, within Benin City, most of the motorists never make the choice. CNG is simply too good – CNG is cheaper than petrol.  Furthermore, CNG is cleaner and smoother for the engines of vehicles than petrol.  To the motorists of Benin City, it does not matter whether Government regulate or deregulate petrol. What matters is only CNG.

With the halo of success from Benin City, Green Gas has developed a well conceived expansion program. As part of that expansion program, Green Gas wants to expand to the megacity of Lagos, the metropolis of Ibadan, the commercial city of Onitsha and also to the oil city of Warri. Better get used to it – Green Gas will be part of your life for a long, long time to come. Just look at how Green Gas will be part of your life:-

  • The success of Green Gas is a clear demonstration of the power of partnership. For decades, Nigeria has been trapped in an energy quagmire. Whenever we are confronted by our usual petrol crisis, we all feel entrapped.  Green Gas has already made the difference.  Through a strong commitment to innovation and the sheer spirit of tenacity, Green Gas has made Nigeria unlock the inner strengths of her energy potentials. With technical expertise and financial savvy, Green Gas has equipped Nigeria with the energy resilience to pursue unrelentingly its socio-economic development.  Green Gas has finally dethrone king petrol. We now know there is an alternative to everything.  Green Gas has made Nigeria appreciate that with the right partnership you can do anything.
  • Energy means progress.  The energy solutions generated by Green Gas are opportunities. Those energy solutions will definitely change the landscape of the Nigerian energy sector. Rethinking Nigeria has therefore become compelling. Creating the necessary infrastructure that will make such energy solution accessible to millions of Nigerians has therefore become a fundamental necessity. Green Gas is willing.  For Nigeria and Nigerians, the question remains – To be or not to be.