Green Gas Limited(GGL) is committed to make Nigeria a “self reliant energy economy”. It is committed to utilize indigenous Natural resources to develop the manufacturing and automobile sectors of the Nation.

In 2007 , the Federal Government of Nigeria , granted a license to NIPCO for setting up a pilot project for developing Natural Gas infrastructure in Benin City, Edo State.  NIPCO being a prudent organization understood the benefit and challenges of developing this project. It entered into a Joint Venture with Nigerian Gas Company (NGC), a subsidiary of NNPC, to form Green Gas Limited.

GGL is a Public Private Partnership(PPP) organization which is pioneer in developing Natural Gas infrastructure in Nigeria. GGL developed CNG stations, state of art conversion workshops and pipeline network throughout the Benin City. The infrastructure created is the first such infrastructure not only in Nigeria but in whole of West Africa.

The authorities are so pleased with the pilot project of Benin City that they now want GGL to go beyond its geographical limits and cover the expressways, main cities and towns of Nigeria. GGL is now opening CNG stations on Benin – Onitsha , Benin – Warri, Benin – Lagos and Benin – Abuja expressways. Its mega station in Ibafon, Ogun State is one of its kind in Nigeria which will revolutionize the natural gas industry in Nigeria , if not in whole of West Africa.

GGL has shown the world that Nigeria can think beyond importing Petrol and Diesel. Indeed a successful story to show that we can utilize our own resources to fuel growth of our economy. Green Gas has moved ahead with determination to show its technical leadership in making Natural Gas,  a cheaper and viable options for all industrial, automobile , hotel and domestic users in Benin City, Edo State.

It has created a marvel of complete city based Gas distribution system which on its own is the first such comprehensive effort to solve energy need of whole of city. It is first of its kind infrastructure not only in Nigeria but in whole of western Africa. Green Gas developed 8 CNG stations, 3 CNG conversion workshops and steel pipeline network for whole of the city. It enjoys the loyalty of its satisfied automobile and industrial customers.